Baby Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

My cousin just had her first baby!  Since my wife is a pharmacist, we thought we would gift her all the essentials for a well-stocked baby medicine cabinet.  All items easily purchased on Amazon!

12 Baby Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

  1. Rectal thermometer – Taking your baby’s temperature rectally will give you the most accurate result.  It’s the one your pediatrician will ask for if you call for advice!
  2. Saline Nasal drops – it helps loosen the mucus so that you can more easily suction it out
  3. Nose Frida – a nasal aspirator that actually works!  It’s also superior to the bulb aspirators because you can better control the suction and you can actually clean it!
  4. Tylenol – to reduce pain/fever.  Preferred to Motrin since it’s easier on the stomach.
  5. Motrin – to reduce pain/fever.  Lasts longer than Tylenol.  In the end, you should stock both since sometimes you’ll need to use both Tylenol and Motrin together for persistent high fevers.
  6. Anti-Gas drops
  7. Alcohol –  to clean thermometers, tweezers, and scissors
  8. Hydrocortisone Ointment 1% – strength mild enough for babies.  Use for dry, itchy skin or to treat bug bites.
  9. Aquaphor – soothes, protects and helps heal dry, irritated skin due to drooling, minor burns and abrasions
  10. Topical Antibiotic – Neosporin can be applied to scratches, cuts, or abrasions to prevent infection.
  11. Diaper rash cream – Desitin is tried and true
  12. Oral Syringes – essential to ensure that you’re giving your child the right amount of medicine, don’t drip, and are easy to direct into the mouth of a squirming baby

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