Business Highlight: Brad Swett with Fineman Suarez Team


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But did you know: The average So. Cal Realtor does 3.2 deals a year. WHAT?! Yep… they ONLY help 3.2 families a year buy and sell real estate. Would you go under the knife with a surgeon that only performed 3 surgeries a year? Or hop on a plane with a pilot that only flies 3 times a year? I wouldn’t. So why trust the average realtor to guide you through a transaction involving your largest asset?

Then how do you determine who to work with when buying or selling a home?? Take a business approach. Meet with our team. Review our standards and process with no commitments. We take pride in our business, keeping you informed of the market and shepherding you through the process of buying, selling or investing in real estate.

Call or email me today. Happy to chat.

Brad Swett
c: (347) 801-4570

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