ET-94 coming home – Spot the tank!

Donated to the California Science Center by NASA, the ET-94 is the last flight-qualified external tank in existence.  The tank left New Orleans in April, traveling by boat through the Panama Canal, before it arrived in Marina del Rey.  It made a slow journey through Los Angeles to make its way to its final destination.

With some planning and foresight, I placed myself in a position to grab a shot of the ET-94 Fuel tank as it came down Lincoln (around 4am!) to mimic the Spruce Goose rolling down that same road 70 years ago.

The Spruce Goose was the world’s largest plane at the time.  It was built here on what is now present-day Playa Vista.  If you can see in the picture, there were plenty of spectators then as there were early this morning. It was worth staying up all night/morning to witness this historic event.


ET-94 and Spruce Goose


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