Hopdoddy Burger Bar opens in Playa Vista

The day is here — Hopdoddy Burger Bar Playa Vista Soft Opening starts today for the next 3 days! We filled over 700 spots with priority seating for our group, the largest amount yet offered by the restaurants we’ve done openings with in the past.

A reminder of the housekeeping rules:
1) Please be patient as it’s their first days of service
2) Tip well (though your meal is free)
3) Expect a line before you will be seated, it’s the Hopdoddy experience to experience a line around the block
4) Provide valuable feedback at the event should u see the manager or use the write-in sheet
5) And lastly, thank them for partnering with the Playa Vista Neighborhood Exchange to offer this opportunity to our group

Will be sharing pictures from our members here:

hopdoddy hopdoddy2

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