Playa Del Rey Natural Gas Storage Facility Notifications

Due to our proximity to the PdR gas storage facility, I recommend signing up for the new community notification system SoCal Gas rolled out last month.

Link to access sign-up page:



  • What is the new Community Notification system?

We’ve been applying the experience and knowledge gained from Aliso Canyon to enhance the safety of our three other underground storage elds (Honor Rancho, La Goleta and Playa del Rey) and improve communications with members of the community who live and work near these critical facilities. This new Community Notification system allows members of the community to sign up at notifications to receive email, text, and telephone notifications if there is a reportable event at one of its storage facilities.


  • What other safety enhancements are taking place each storage facility?

The additional safety enhancements already underway at each storage facility include:
Comprehensive well inspections;
Around-the-clock pressure monitoring of all wells;
Daily patrols to visually examine every well four times each day;
Enhanced training for our employees and contractors.

  • What is a reportable event?

Reportable events could include events at or near a SoCalGas storage facility that are reported to government agencies or are deemed beneficial for public knowledge.

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