Newborn Care Package for Playa Vista Residents

Just in case you’re wondering, I do not have a new baby.  As much as I love babies, two toddlers and an 18 month old puppy are enough to keep wifey and I constantly at the brink.  No more babies in our home! Well, not ours at least.

One of my new neighbors just had a baby.  While talking dad-to-dad about the joys of fatherhood… Insane new sleep schedule blah… New kid furniture to assemble meh… And diverting our slush fund to this thing called the 529 plan… It’s all worth it in the end… right??  I mentioned the free goodie basket for PV residents and he wanted one.  So he signed up and gave me the scoop.

Here’s how to get it

Register or log on to Playa Link, PV’s resident only website ran by PVCS (more about them later). Complete the “Welcome to the Playa Vista Family” request form.  Parents and baby must live in Playa Vista.  Baby must be 3 months or younger at the time of request.  One basket per family whether you’ve had one child, twins or triplets (God help you)!  Once approved, you’ll receive instructions stating when and where to pickup the freebie.


What you get

A shrink-wrapped package full of Whole Foods-branded baby essentials, KIND Bars, Target gift card, and a nice personal note from PVCS.


  • Diapers Size 1 50 ct. $13.99
  • Baby Shampoo 12oz $5.99
  • Baby Lotion 12oz $5.99
  • Foaming Wash 10 oz $5.99
  • Baby Wipes 80 ct. $3.99
  • Kind Bars 12 pack $19.99
  • Target Gift card $20
Newborn Care Package

“Welcome to the Playa Vista Family” gift basket

Who’s paying for this

Rules mention that PVCS, Whole Foods Market PV and partners cover the cost.  But who and what is PVCS? Playa Vista Community Service or PVCS is not part of PVPAL.  It’s operated by Brookfield, PV’s master developer.  They run the Playa Link website, Movies/Concerts in the park, Bagels and Brew, and various community programs and funding of environmental projects.

They are funded by collecting a “community enhancement transfer fee” from sellers of residences following all resales of property in Playa Vista. PVCS does not receive any funding from current residents or take anything from PVPAL.


What a great way to welcome home a new family!  If you’ve got a newborn, don’t forget to request your care package today!


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