Paradiso CrossFit New Beginner Classes

NEW Beginner classes at PARADISO CrossFit starts this week!
We all know that CrossFit works, but getting started properly and staying consistent are the biggest challenges for many.  Paradiso CrossFit now offers intro classes to functional training, scalable to any skill level.
Classes are offered Mon-Fri at 7:30pm and are designed for you to “ramp up” into the normal group classes. You will learn many of the fundamental movements as well as how to accommodate your own limitations or injuries.
The on-ramp program is in group class format, but a one 1-on-1 free intro session is also offered for those looking for more of a personalized approach and seeing a sample class that way.
The cost for the beginner program is $199 for the month with no additional obligations and can be purchased online here:
For questions, please visit:

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