Playa Vista in the News

How Playa Vista Became LA’s Most High-Tech Community
… the Spruce Goose hangar in Playa Vista is now home to one of the world’s most massive tech giants—Google. It’s just one chapter in Playa Vista’s transformation from Hughes’ sprawling private airport into a true LA anomaly: a mixed-use, high-tech, dog-obsessed “village” that caters to Hollywood’s newest entertainment royalty: tech stars…

Breakout Brands: HomeState
… Hype up to HomeState opening soon!

New York co-living company plans $100 million expansion with Los Angeles apartment developer
… Residents in a co-living complex typically have their own bedroom and bathroom but share kitchens, living rooms and other common areas with fellow tenants. It’s a small but growing segment of the apartment market, mostly serving young professionals who can’t afford the rent in hip, desirable neighborhoods …

L.A.’s New Playa Vista Neighborhood Is Where Silicon Valley Meets Southern California
… PV profile from The Wall Street Journal with a lot of neighbors mentioned in the piece

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