PVES Update from LAUSD Meeting 4/8/15


Information from speaker Al Grazioli (Facilities Asset Development Director)

PVES opened 2012
– 26 classrooms, 4.08 acres
– projected to be at capacity by 2015/16
– 2014/15 Capacity: 546, enrollment 413 (287 residents, 126 permitted)

PDR opened 1927
– 14 classrooms, 4.6 acres
– 2014/15 Capacity 283, Enrollment 242 (155 residents, 87 permitted)

For both schools
Now 442 residents, 213 non residents: 655 total
2023/24 Projected capacity 851, 213 non-resi: 1064 total
~400 students over

Options for addressing school growth
1- Managing permits: gradually reducing number of permitted students to the school to minimize impact of permitted families already there

2- Adjusting options areas and boundaries. There is option area now (area between West Lawn and ends at Centinela) where residents who reside in that area can choose to go to PDR or PV. Possibly take this option away. We can also move the boundary line further into Phase 1 so that those outside will have to attend PDR.

3- Building additional capacity: wanted to use this as last resort since most costly

4- Solution using all three

Issues to consider:
1- Additional land to provide additional capacity
2- Interim housing: we will need an interim solution before a permanent solution since school will be at capacity next year!!!
3- Removal of portables
4- Ability of core facilities to support additl students
5- Maintain adequate play area
6- Use of adjacent play field
7- Impact of geothermal systems
8- Operating school with large enrollment
9- Impact of school during construction
10- Cost

Comments from Parents in attendance:

– Don’t use an old solution to fix our community. We are not like any other community. We are a connected and cohesive a community of the future. A boundary within PV is absurd. Solution is adding more capacity

– Sibling priority? No decision yet but will want to keep siblings in same school

– Is maintaining a certain amount of play space a requirement? That’s a arbitrary handcuff/limitation. We have 4 story buildings in PV, let’s build up. It doesn’t make sense to have only a 2 story school.

– I’m not hearing a vision. There are no options for the future. I only hear about band-aid fixes for PVES. But there are no options for us after PVES that are of the caliber of PVES.

– If you move the boundary and my kids will have to go to PDR. That will not happen. You will not have kids remaining in LAUSD period. We will be looking into other options (ie moving out of PV, going private school).

– My neighbor enrolled for 2015/16. She doesn’t know if she will get in. It’s full now what is the solution?Where are you getting your numbers? Reply: My projections say there is room

– We need a solution NOW. We hope Brookfield will support us. We need more capacity. We helped your home prices rise really quickly. Please continue your support.

– Would u consider a multi-track school

– We pay same HOA dues. We live and play together. You will cause a feud within the community if u divide us. The school is great because we are united. If you’re gonna build. Build a middle school too. If you build it, they will come.

– Can I trust your numbers? The school has been overrun in just three years. It’s a 10 year projection for now but can u guarantee those numbers?

– PDR resident: PDR is already at capacity. Do not change the boundaries. Please build.

There were no solutions given at this meeting. It was just an open hearing to listen to what residents have as a concern for now.

– Develop solution sets q2/3 2015
– Public meeting to review solutions Q3/4 2015
– Proposal Q4 2015
– Planning/Design Q1 2016

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