Vendor: Doctor OBGYN

Doctors (OBGYNs)

Dr Peyman Banooni Beverly Hills  310-878-4405
TL – He was my OB and I LOVE him. I had the best experience with him and everyone at Cedars

Dr Barry Brock 310-967-5650
MH – He had the best bedside manner and makes you feel confident, calm, and like a warrior goddess. He is also hysterical to boot. Not to mention, he’s delivered thousands and thousands of babies!
MG – He delivered my twins…his sense of humor during such a stressful time was one of the selling points!
OM – Ahhh he just delivered our baby in December and he also had me cracking up!! My doc was out of town and we ended up with Dr Brock and we are so grateful!!!

Dr Anthony Chin Beverly Hills 310-276-1278
BG – He’s great.  Very mellow, low key, and actually does what the mom wants

Dr Caroline Colin SM 310-829-0080
EF – Delivered two of my kids and will deliver my third. She is very personal and a great doctor
CT – I second Dr. Colin, she is amazing!

Dr Olivia Crookes SM Women’s Healthcare Assoc 310-453-6767
RP – We used Dr Crookes for my second and delivered at St Johns

Dr Marianne Ebrahim 310-385-3380
OM – best ever
DH – Even better yet… Dr. Ebrahim is coming to Cedars at Runway Playa Vista this summer!

Dr David Finke 310-657-1600
LB – Delivered both of mine.  Love him! I actually look forward to my annual pap so I can see him again

Dr David Ghozland SM 310-393-9359
LW – Dr. David Ghozland in Santa Monica is amazing.
EP – I am with LW. Switched from Cedars when we moved to Playa. He was amazing. I see him now here as a gynecologist.

Dr Allison Leong & Dr Allyson Gonzalez, Women’s Medical Group SM 310-264-1777
CG – Going to Dr. Leong for 30 years
EF – Dr. Allyson Gonzalez is the BEST! She’s in the Women’s Medical Group also. She is affiliated with St. John’s and UCLA LOVE HER!

Dr Layne Kumetz  323-634-9996
JC – the best OBGYN ever. Wife had some high risk issues and she walked her thru the 9-10 months like a pro. She is the best!!!

Dr Susan Cohen Morrison 323-933-6330
VF – Dr. Susan Morrison near Cedars. She first speaks with you for 20 min before she has you undress for an annual. She wants to get to know you. She airs on the side of caution so you get an ultrasound almost every single visit. Whether you’re pregnant or not. I’ve never felt more comfortable going to the OB.
SW – Love, love, love her
SM – She’s mine too! Best ever.

Dr Angela Nishio SM Gyn and Ob 310-828-8585
MB – I am 35 weeks pregnant with my second and see her in Santa Monica right next to St. John’s. She delivered my first two years ago. I really like her and the office staff
JK – She delivered my first 2 and will deliver our 3rd

Dr Albert Philips SM Gyn and Ob 310-828-8585
SR – he was amazing! His office is right next door to St. Johns

Dr Jessica Rastegar & Dr Jitsen Chang – Plaza Towers OBGYN Westchester 310-819-4954
KS – Dr. Rastegar delivered my second at St. John’s and I had a wonderful experience!
MR – Love the doctors at Plaza Towers OBGYN. Dr. Rastegar had a baby a week before I had mine, so Dr. Cheng delivered my daughter, but I also had a great experience. They are a great practice and so close! And can deliver at all 3 major LA hospitals (Cedars, UCLA, and St John’s)
LW – They have great doctors and two offices-one right near here in Westchester and the other is next to St Johns

Dr Laurie Reynard SM 310-453-1266
DT – We used Dr. Laurie Reynard. Very nice lady.

Dr Scott Serden 310-423-6600
RC – is hands down the best!

Dr Klara Vogel SM 310-829-7878
AW – Dr Vogel is the best
LP – I also had Dr Vogel for my last baby – she is great