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Dog Groomers

Barks N’ Bubbles (Mobile Groomer) 310-989-0367
AG – Found a great groomer for my pups!! Barks and bubbles .. right up the street!! Great price and great job!! She was $30 cheaper than any other place I had called

Chewie Mobile Pet Spa – Kathy 310-343-1514

Citydog West LA – Jaime 310-477-0364
SA – My dogs love her and she takes her time

Groomingdales (Mobile Groomer) 310-676-2626
NM – Tried Groomingdales once and they were great. We plan to use them again
LM – Done in their mobile grooming salon in my driveway. The best. I am not into the cage all day groomers at all. Totally works for us. We use Cindy. They are a little more expensive, but very reliable and no cage! My guy is done in 30 minutes.

HealthySpot MDR 310-827-8500
JJ – If you are kCrw supporter you get 10% off. Also have great doggie daycare
JT – We have a poodle who has stubborn fur. Healthy Spot in MDR has always been good
JB – I second the suggestion for Healthy Spot. A lil pricey, but they are really solid and communicative, and ask good questions. With our doodle I always feel like I need to give a lot of notes the first time I try a new groomer, so they know how we like him groomed, and they’ve been great ever since day 1. All of the other places that we’ve tried that charge less, that we like either (a) go out of business, or (b) have a 3 week wait list. It’s kind of trial an error on the west side

Marina Pet Spa MDR 310-827-5949
PS – Hagie did my dogs for 15 years. He’s kind to the animals and FAST!!

Mario (Mobile Groomer) 818-447-0214, 424-293-2466
WG – We have a Mobile groomer who comes to the house for our cockerspaniel and golden doodle. He is wonderful and my dogs love when he comes

Seaside Grooming PDR 310-823-7798
CM – Great and locally owned

KL – We use Seaside groomers in Playa del Rey for our Springer Spaniel, have been very happy with them!

WAGZ PDR 310-306-1090
JA – Call Angela at WAGZ and tell her your concerns. Our dog scruffles hates water and getting a bath, she shivers all over when I do it. She doesn’t mind going to Wagz! Check out the fb page for Wagz, you’ll see the baby gate “corrals,” not cages
AB – I take my dog to wagz. Very good full mani/pedi, haircut, butt express and teeth. they do a great job.