Runway Playa Vista Parking Updates

Runway Playa Vista has recently started charging for parking in their structure, but numerous establishments will be offering validations:

  • Bike Attack: 120 min free
  • Cedar Sinai: 60 min free
  • Cinemark: 4 hours free
  • CVS: 60 min free
  • Flywheel: 60 min free
  • Fred Segal: 120 min free
  • Hal’s Bar and Grill: 90 min free
  • Kikokiko: 60 min free
  • Panini: 90 min free
  • ROC: 90 min free
  • Runway Optometry: 60 min free
  • Sol Cocina: 90 min free
  • Starbucks: 60 min free
  • StudioMDR: 90 min free
  • Urban Plates: 90 min free
  • Whole Foods: 60 min free
  • YogaWorks: 90 min free

For complete updates (as more establishments are added that will be offering validations), visit Runway’s official page here.

Runway Playa Vista Parking Tips

There are three entrances and exits to/from the structure listed below.  The ones at the roundabouts usually get plugged up as most people use these to enter and exit.  If you want to avoid the lines, use the lower level parking entrances/exits.

  • Jefferson Blvd (lower level)
  • Village Drive (lower level on the CVS end)
  • Millennium Road (upper level at roundabouts)


Runway Playa Vista Parking Map

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