Safe Trade / Deal Zones in Playa Vista: do we have one?

I was having a conversation recently with a young woman and she expressed concern over buying/selling on Craigslist and Facebook.  She didn’t want to let strangers into her home or meet with them in one of the parks when no one was around. I’m glad they rolled out an official e-commerce safe zone at the LAPD Pacific Division.

In reference to this article: “The Pacific Division at Centinela Avenue and Culver Boulevard serves Del Rey, Manchester Square, Mar Vista, Oakwood, Palms, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Venice and Westchester.”

It’s great that it’s available but this option doesn’t seem quite practical for Playa Vista since the station is miles away and isn’t walkable.  What do you guys do to stay safe?


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  1. San says:

    Have a 24 hr patrol and if anything goes wrong its handled also…if its very very late followup with drive around patrol …just make sure they aren’t sleeping on the job and they are truly professional

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