Shahin Khajavi – Neighborhood Hero

Shahin Khajavi is affectionately known as the “Traffic Guy,” in his Playa Vista neighborhood, and the moniker fits. Shahin is a LADOT traffic engineer – he works with neighbors and conducts traffic investigations on the Westside. Shahin’s direct involvement with Westside constituents in his job for the past 29 years has inspired his engagement with his Playa Vista neighbors.

Shahin Khajavi

Shahin often attends homeowner association meetings, as well as Playa Vista Parks and Landscape (PVPAL) community meetings, to make recommendations for safety improvements in the neighborhood. Shahin’s extensive knowledge of pedestrian safety issues has been a boon for his neighborhood, and his suggestions have resulted in new, safer continental crosswalks being installed around Playa Vista Concert Park, as well as new red curb installations to improve visibility for motorists and pedestrians. Shahin has also helped his community replace missing and faded signs throughout the neighborhood, and he helped get all-way stop signs installed at several locations in Playa Vista. He is dedicated to making sure Playa Vista is a safe and innovative community, and for that his neighbors are all incredibly grateful.
Community Vision:
Most people want to develop and implement a creative community based on strategies to enhance economic opportunity and build strong neighborhoods, which Shahin want as well. But from his perspective, he wants Playa Vista to be one of the safest communities in the nation.

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