We Waterless Wash-Playa Vista’s Eco-friendly Car Wash

Playa Vista is the newest community in Westside Los Angeles and is at the center of Silicon Beach.  Early on, the developers chose to design the community with sustainability, recreation, entertainment, shopping and dining to reinvent the way we live.  From the use of recycled water for irrigation to the near net zero energy use of the resident activity club, The Resort.  Playa Vista uses the latest in sustainable technology and acts as a model to all new urban community developments around the country.  Seems likely that We Waterless Wash fits the PV model.

We Waterless Wash

Need for Sustainability

Welcome We Waterless Wash, the newest Car Wash at Runway Playa Vista.  They utilize waterless car wash technology which has been developed and is a growing trend because of the ongoing historical drought that has hit California during the last decade.

We Waterless Wash: How it Works


we waterless washThe concept seems simple enough.  They spray on a proprietary polymer-based liquid directly on to the vehicle which encapsulates the dirt and debris from the car.  Then they use a high-quality absorbant microfiber cloth to lift away dirt from the paint and clear coat thus preventing any scratches.  No water is used at all!



From basic exterior-only washes that start at $20 all the way up to full Clay Bar detail and everything in between.  They have a wide selection of specials and à la carte options.

We Waterless Wash Options








Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm*
  • Sunday 11 am – 6 pm*

*Closing Hours may vary



We Waterless Wash Playa Vista

We Waterless Wash is located on the street level floor of Runway’s parking garage in the southwest corner close to Starbucks and Whole Foods.  Drive up to their desk or park into one of their designated parking spots.  Make your selection with the attendant, drop your keys off.  It took roughly 40 minutes for a 2-person team to service my Tesla Model X SUV.  I choose the WOW! service, which includes the interior and exterior wash.



Once the wash is complete, pay at the counter (they accept cash, credit or debit through Square) and finally pick up your keys.  As of press time, they don’t take reservations or appointments, but honor customers on a first-come first-serve basis only.  They offer 3-hour parking validation in addition to a 20% off discount for Playa Vista residents during their first visit.  I will update this post after a few days to see how the wash is holding up compared to a traditional car wash.



I believe We Waterless Wash is a welcomed addition to Runway and Playa Vista.  The co-owners Leandro Cabico and Renan Maurice are both very hands-on with the business and no-doubt welcome any the feedback they receive from the community.  I love their concept of a sustainable water-free car wash, however, it may appeal mostly to lightly soiled vehicles.  For the more extreme and excessive mud and dirt, I don’t think a waterless service will suffice.

Pricing is reasonable and in line with the others businesses in Runway.  For locals, you are paying for the convenience of proximity.  You can get your car washed and go home to do other things, have lunch, or watch a movie as opposed to siting in the lobby of some other car wash that wastes water.  I remain optimistic for this much-needed service in our neighborhood.




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