Ad Tips

Ad Tips

The Message

Facebook Highlighted Post

What is your ad’s purpose/message: Expert in the industry? Generate leads? Sell a product or service? Announce a NEW product or service? Awareness of your company?

  • For a Product/Service: If you had a special promo coming up that you’d think would interest the group, then we can most likely time it to be released at the same time (i.e. Mother’s Day specials, Memorial Day sales, Black Friday deals, etc).
  • For lead generation: include a strong “call to action” focused to motivate readers to respond – pick up the phone, bring in a coupon, visit your website – so they can enter the formal sales process and then you can convert them into loyal repeat customers
  • For Awareness: If you just wanted to reinforce your brand and image, ads on the group would help keep your business at the top of customers’ minds, even if you had no specific message to communicate. Frequent ads spaced out with even just a business logo and phone/email can work in these cases.

The Graphics

There are several graphics to submit with your ad campaign which are

  • 1 Facebook group cover photo
  • 1 Photo for the Facebook group post (optional) – usually if you include a website address, Facebook will automatically pull the photo from the website
  • Up to 5 additional for the sponsored blog post.  If no additional is submitted, the photos submitted from the above will be used

Graphics Sizing

The Group’s cover photo sizing is most important.  It displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. Please test how your cover photo will look on the computer AND the smart phone before submitting your photo.

If you upload an image smaller than those dimensions, Facebook will stretch it to fit the right size, as long as it’s at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.  The stretching will distort the picture.

I’ve found that there is some pixelation with the cover photo that you’ll have to accept but it would work best if you sent a file size 2460 x 936 (which is 3x the proportion to the above 820 x 312)

Clear Focal Point

Clean and simple usually works best to allow the message to come through.  White space gives reader’s eyes a place to rest and keep their attention. Too many words or images in a small space (especially when viewing on a smartphone) will cause readers to move on.  You can include more details in the Group’s post.


Fonts should be easy to read. Try to stick to just two types of font.  All caps should be avoided.


About 70% of our Group members use Facebook on their mobile devices.  That’s huge and why it’s important to keep  mobile users in mind when designing your cover photo.  On mobile, a much larger portion of your cover photo is blocked out because the profile picture and the Group’s name are on top of the cover photo.  Be careful not to put important content so far to the right that it gets cut off on mobile.  Test it out on your phone beforehand.


Remember that advertising is an investment that you make for the growth of your business. That money is used to ‘buy’ customers, whose purchases become your return on investment. Advertise regularly as people need to be reminded constantly of your business (even big household names like Coca Cola advertise regularly). There are always new customers to market to especially if you think your target market accesses the FB Group often.